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This page has been developed to answer general questions about the FAMU NAA, Washington DC Chapter.  If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact the chapter using the menu option above and ask your question(s)

Basic Questions About FAMU NAA, Washington DC Chapter


Chapter Activities

Basic Questions

What is the number of members in your DC chapter?  We have over 200 dues paying members in the Washington DC Chapter. We are the number one chapter for the 2014-2015 business year. 

What are the total number of alumni in the area?  Florida A&M University has approximately 1100 alumni in the area.

Where does your school go in the DC area to watch the big game?  Whenever there is a game nearby, we go to the game.

What is the name of the DC alumni president?  Currently, the president of the chapter is Reverend Dr. Artie Polk.

Does your chapter have dues? If so, how much are they?  We have chapter dues.  Annual dues are $75 unless you are a life member.  A person can become a life member by paying $750 to the FAMU NAA.  If you are a life member, the dues owed every year are $40.

When are elections?  What are the available offices?  Elections are held every two years.  For more information on available offices, please click here.


Beyond scholarships, what is the fiscal outcome of the gala?  The gala is used to raise money for the chapter.  This money is used to cover operational expenses of the local chapter, give to students via scholarships, and give directly to the University via the FAMU Foundation.

How often are dues paid?  Dues are paid once a year.

What exactly do my dues cover?  Dues are a critical fundraising element of the chapter.  Dues are used to pay for chapter expenses.  Additionally, money collected from dues are used to give money to students and to the University.

If I pay my dues midyear, are my dues prorated?  Dues are not prorated.  However, if you pay your dues after October 1 of any calendar year, you have the option of having your dues apply to the next calendar year.

How can I get access to the discounts mentioned on the Membership Benefits page?

What is the Individual Donor Campaign?  The Individual Donor Campaign is a fundraising effort by the local chapter to help raise money to give to Florida A&M through scholarship donations and donations to individual prorgrams at the University.  For more information, please visit our frequently asked questions page specifically concerning this effort.

Chapter Activities

Does the Alumni association coordinate local fitness challenges / sporting events against local alumni chapters?  In the past, we have played kickball games against other HBCU chapters in the area.  We are a member of the DC Metro HBCU Alliance and we have participated in the annual 5k run / walk as a member of the organization.  If you are interested in suggesting or organizing such a challenge, please contact the chapter via email or call the chapter voicemail at (240) 803-FAMU.

Are there a set number of events to expect annually?  Every year, we have the fundraising gala and the chapter picnic.  Other than that, activities change from year to year.

I signed up to volunteer through the website but no one has reached out to me. What should I do? What's next?  If no one has contacted you after filling out a volunteer form, we sincerely apologize.  We need all the help we can get.  You can always try and submit another form, leave a voicemail, or come to a meeting to get in touch with people from the chapter.


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