Chapter Mission

The mission of the Washington DC Chapter of the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association is to enhance and support the continued existence of Florida A&M University by: raising and giving funds to the University that will support its programs; recruiting students who will attend the University; recruiting alumni and others who will support the University and its goals through membership in the chapter; doing those things that perpetuate a positive image of the chapter and the University; and influencing community and governmental activities that will support the University's priorities.


To achieve our mission, the Chapter has a four point program, FRIG - Fundraising, Recruitment, Image Building and Governmental Relations.

  • Fundraising
    The Chapter is involved in raising funds for the University and other activities to support the Chapter’s programs.
  • Recruitment
    The Chapter is involved in recruiting students to attend FAMU and reclamation of alumni to encourage them to become financial supporters of the National Alumni Association and the Chapter.
  • Image Building
    The Chapter annually participates in activities that bring visibility to Florida A&M University in the greater metropolitan area.
  • Governmental Relations
    The Chapter keeps alumni abreast of issues in Florida and the U.S. Congress that could impact the viability and growth of Florida A&M University.

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Florida A&M University NAA, Washington DC Chapter
PO Box 90306
Washington DC 20090-0306
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