Membership Benefits

National Benefits

On a national level membership offers you:

  1. Access to discount travel packages, air fare, and hotel accommodations as well as access to certain tickets for FAMU functions including football classics, home games, national meetings, and graduation.
  2. Discounts with national retail businesses like Men’s Warehouse, Alamo, Budget, Avis, Comfort Inn, etc.
  3. If you’re a parent/guardian/concerned relative of a Rattler, better access to individuals who can give you information about housing, financial aid, scholarships, academic requirements, and troubleshooting.

Local Benefits

Locally, membership gives you opportunities for leadership, service, networking, and fellowship.

  • State License Plates

  • Discounts to Alumni Activities

  • Advance Communication about the University

  • Leadership
    Leadership skills are valuable tools in several areas of our lives from work to community service to home. The alumni chapter is always in need of skilled officers to guide the organization as well as committee chairmen to lead important projects. The skills you build with us can last a lifetime.
  • Service
    The alumni association provides a valuable opportunity to serve the university and our community by raising money for scholarships and other university projects, recruiting quality students, influencing legislation that will support the University, and just saying and doing things that promote a positive image of FAMU.
  • Networking
    Success often is not determined by what you know, but by who you know. Rattlers are diverse, powerful, and influential people. By attending alumni functions you have the opportunity to interact with fellow Rattlers who can help you find a job, develop your career, or generate business opportunities for your current job. Any given gathering you might meet a Rattler who can help you buy a house, invest your money, or find a spouse.
  • Fellowship
    Alumni members are true friends. We are family. We break bread together, laugh together, and share personal stories of triumph and loss. We support each other in times of need and give good counsel in times of uncertainty.



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